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Recover abandoned carts, increase website engagement, and win more conversions with smart notifications on Facebook Messenger.

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What Can You Do with ZoConvert for Shopify


69% of online shoppers abandon their carts. It’s time for you to recapture that lost revenue!

When a customer abandons his cart and leaves without making a purchase, ZoConvert sends a personalized message to them on Facebook messenger. This gives Shopify users a chance to keep this customer interested in the products and nudge them towards making the purchase.

Keep the conversation going by offering custom discounts, creating a sense of scarcity and driving them straight to your store. Close that sale without having to wait for them to open that email you sent last week!


People who are on Facebook, gets opted in automatically when they click “Add to cart”

Once they do, create Automated followups to reach out to them on Facebook


Offer Discount to Users abandoning their carts in between. Automatically append discount in the follow up, with 10-20% off for completing their purchase.


Send a Broadcast message to all users opting in to FB messenger. Open Rates of 80% and CTR of 25-28% will make your campaigns deliver higher than email results.

Real time tracking. Measurable results.

Maximise conversions on your Shopify store with smart optimization.

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Don’t just run a campaign on Facebook Messenger, optimize it for getting maximum sales using ZoConvert. Track your message campaigns on the dashboard closely to understand how consumers are interacting with them. Keep a close watch on how ZoConvert is growing your business.

Optimize and personalize your Facebook Messenger campaigns for higher engagement and conversions. Skyrocket your sales before your competitor can even think of it!

Why ZoConvert works for Shopify

Easy, effective and absolutely non intrusive.

Quick Integration

All you need is 5 minutes to get started with ZoConvert. Install the plugin to your Shopify store and you’re all set to send push out your first Facebook Messenger campaign.

One click optin

No more typing long emails and you can forget about using those pop ups too. The frictionless capture in ZoConvert gets you 10X more subscribers in no time.

Smart send times

No more guesswork on when to send your messages. Reach out to your customers at times they are most likely to respond, across all time zones.

Easy checkout

Stop taking your customer in circles. ZoConvert offers a direct call to action that takes them to checkout straight from the Facebook Messenger. One click to completing a purchase.

1:1 Personalization

Create Facebook notifications based on users interaction history. Show images of items left in cart, or use landing page URLs to redirect them to the exact page they interacted with.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is always around to help you out. Talk to the people behind Zo-Convert, learn tricks to make your campaigns work the best!

Why use Facebook Messenger?

We’re all sick of our emails landing in spam and retargeting ads can only get you so far. It’s time to strike a conversation with your customers, right away with instant messages.

ZoConvert is a smart Facebook Messenger Bot that lets you reach out to your customers on a 1:1 basis. No messages ever get lost or deleted, and you can always be there to help them make an informed purchase.

It’s time to start converting customers with real conversations.

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